Our Approach

Jameson will serve any child who would benefit from a camping program which values diversity by creating a rich
environment of endless opportunities for growth, personal development and fun. Our staff are equipped to serve
children with social and/or emotional challenges (including ADHD, Autism, ODD and more).

Our Story

Since 1928, Jameson Camp has been impacting the lives of young people through our award winning camp experience designed to provide a nurturing environment where children engage in self-discovery and develop self respect and confidence. We strive to be
a resource to children and their families to assist in the development of life skills necessary for successful, productive cultures. We teach appreciation and respect for one’s self, for others and nature.

The camp is located on 130 acres
of woods and meadows within the
city of Indianapolis. We specialize
in serving youth with social and emotional challenges. These children may be coping with a range of challenges including Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, and HIV/AIDS. We are the only
camp in Indiana that offers a special
camp session for children impacted
By HIV/AIDS and we have won
multiple awards for Programming
from the American Camp Association for this program.